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Neighbourhood Watch Minutes

Minutes of the Stainton Village Neighbourhood Watch AGM

Meeting held on 11 January 2011


Present: E Simcox, G Law, A Green (chair), J Gray, S Gray (Sec/Treasurer)


Apologies: None


Minutes of last meeting:  

It was proposed by G Law and seconded by J Gray that the minutes were a true record.  Accepted.


Matters arising from the minutes:  

The Safer neighbourhood Team and the Police had been informed of the meeting but the secretary had not heard from either.  This could be due to the fact that there have been changes in both services.  The Parish Council were being informed when the PACT meetings were being held and anyone, with any concerns were being encouraged to attend those meetings.


Election of Officers:

It was proposed by E Simcox and seconded by G Law that A Green continued at Chairman and S Gray as Secretary/Treasurer.  This was carried.


Treasurers report:

S Gray reported that the bank balance remained at £80.33, no interest had been added over the last year.


Police report:

None, as there was no police representation. 



It was reported that there had been a theft of heating oil from an oil tank in the village.  This had come to light because the top off the tank had also been taken.  There was a feeling that other tanks could also have been targeted but due to the extreme cold weather in general more oil was being used.  It did appear that people with tanks locked in the garaged hadn’t gone through as much oil as the ones with the tank in the garden.


Date and time of next meeting:


Tuesday 12 July 2011, 6.00pm in the Village Hall

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