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Stainton School

Charles and Diana's wedding. We were being presented with commemorative coins

Roger Brooks and headmaster John Fletcher facing camera. Alec Adams seated.


With back to camera Julia Watkins with her three boys Philip (blue t-shirt), Edward & Thomas. Nick McNaughten (check shirt), Joe Cutts, Suzy McNaughten, Lucy Young, Rachel Oliver (in red)

Facing camera from left ?? friend of Jane Cooksley who is stood in doorway. Alec Adams, Peter Brooks, John Fletcher.

Mrs Herbert and daughter Suzy.

Nick McNaughten, Suzy McNaughten, Joe Cutts, Rachel Oliver, Lucy Young, Rachel Cutts

John Fletcher presenting coin to Matthew Dyson

Nick McNaughten, Rachel Oliver, 

Far side Giles Young, Louise Dawson, Steven Watkins

Sat near fencing Leslye Hayes, Margaret Adams (stood), Mrs G Watkin, Bernadette Watkin (seated)

Far left : Rachel Oliver, Leslye Hayes, Joanne Fletcher, Kathy Fletcher, Sally-Anne Fletcher, John Fletcher, Evelyn Clayton, Hilda Dimbleby, Anne Cutts.

Seated : Joe Cutts, Ayeesha Cutts.

Queen's Silver Jubilee 1977 taken in the school grounds with the blacksmith's shed behind us

Back row : Adrian Whinfrey, Peter Brooks, ?, ?, Tim Archer (scout uniform), Michael Povey, Paul Whinfrey, Dean Rockett?, Darryl Rockett.

2nd row : ?, Ann Cooksley (now Watkins), ?, ?, Jane Cooksley,  Andrew Sharkey

3rd row : Stuart & Joanne Fletcher (head teacher's children), Owen Gilmore, Roger Whinfrey, Iain Archer, Pippa Rose, Elizabeth Brooks, Karen Gilmore, Elizabeth Woodward?, Jacqui Rose, Wayne Sealey.

Bottom row sitting : Richard Adams, Suzanne McNaughten, ?, Simon Sharkey, Louise Dawson, Ayeesha Cutts, ?, ?, ?, Nick McNaughten.

School Closure in 1981

John & Kathy Fletcher teachers


1st table 

Left side : Simon Herbert, Emma Dyson, Claire Duffield

Right side : Rachel Cutts, Joe Cutts, Philip Watkins


2nd table

Left side : Louise Dawson, Elizabeth Brooks

Right side : Ayeesha Cutts, Adrian Whinfrey, Roger Whinfrey


School Headmistress and Resident Miss Hogg

Written by John Ackroyd


"Stainton school, around 1933ish give or take a year, my mother, Vera Greensmith is in the photograph, front row 2nd from left. I’m not sure if George Fisher is back row 3rd from right, the tall lad, he would marry my mothers sister Pat."

Photo from mid to late 1940's of Stainton villagers and also from surrounding villages.  I think mum said everyone was waiting for a coach trip to the seaside.


My dad on the back row 7th from left (slicked back hair and tie). The only others I know are Arthur Whiteley far right with black hat and Walter Lightfoot (in the other hat next to coach).