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Tour de Yorkshire 

Community Meeting Minutes


 6 April 2016



J Gray (Chair), S Gray (taking minutes), H Sykes, L & K Knight, A White, E Barber, J & S Fisher.


John Sulley - Marshall's, John Loukes - Hope Construction, Ashley Brown - Resident, Tom Boyd - Three Tuns.

 Minutes of last meeting:-  All agreed, a true record.

 Matters arising, not covered in Agenda:-  None

 First Aid:- Booked Via Medic which covers us with 2 First Aiders  from 11 - 6 ish at a cost of £175.


Two have been booked by Tom Boyd.  It was thought that they should be positioned outside the pumping station on Stainton Lane. Alan White to check if there is a toilet at Marshall's near the car parking area up there.

 DMBC update:- Education packs have been emailed out but as Stainton doesn't have a school, no further action to be taken on this.

John Gray has filled in all the necessary forms and returned them to DMBC.

 Three Tuns update:-  Tom will be opening the pub early and will be serving breakfasts.  The munitions cart is in place it just needs planting up.  John Gray to see Heath and Tom for more bikes for around the village.

 Village Hall Trust update:-   The duck race is going ahead at a cost of £1 per duck. Alan distributed numbered sheets for people to sell ducks before the day. Prizes to be £50, £25 and £10.  Insurance has been checked for all the activities, but Alan is to check on the bouncy castle insurance.  There will be games throughout the village, refreshments ie tea and coffee served from Rosedale and a gazebo selling the same outside Marshall's. 

Alan is to test the gas urn.  The Village Hall Trust are to meet to discuss quantities of food to order and have a back up plan should they need more supplies.

Doncaster estimate 500 - 1000 people will come to Stainton.

Parking needs to be well publicised to attract the most people.

 Giant Cycles:-  Everything is ok they are still coming.


John Sulley - Marshall's, has sent a cheque for £250 to the VHT.

Philip Watkins has offered £200 towards the hire of a large screen TV but unfortunately it is looking unlikely that we will be able to raise enough funds for this to go ahead.

 Working Week:-  VHT will deliver the games to the houses.

Bunting, Bikes, Banners, Litter picking etc all need to be completed the week commencing 25 April.

It was suggested that we work Tuesday - Friday between 4 -7 each evening to achieve this.

 A flyer to go out asking for people around the village to turn up and help whenever they can, even if it is only for an hour.

 Villagers also to be asked to put their black bins out at the end of their drives for litter collection.  John Gray to check with  DMBC about the refuse collection and if they will deal with mixed refuse.


We have 2 good areas for parking - Marshall's yard off raw Lane and Hazels field off Scotch Spring Lane. These car parks will be supervised, Marshall's by the VHT and some men from Marshall's and Hazels field by Lol Knight.  Charges to be £2 per car for all day.

 Posters to be circulated advertising the event and in bold advertising £2 parking all day in marshalled car parks.

 The parking can be advertised from now, Heath to put this on the TDYwebsite


If anyone has more bikes they can drop them off at the pub as they have some paint left.

 The welcome to Yorkshire site has been sent photos of the village.

 Kath has 200 jumpers knitted for making into bunting and bunting flags are being made. It is hoped that these will go up Stainton Lane to the roundabout and up raw Lane if possible.

 There are 2 banners, The pubs one at the bottom of raw lane and the one donated by Daryll Wootton at the roundabout.

 It was suggested that permission could be sought from Maltby Town Council for the banner near the roundabout to be placed at the Queens corner for a week or so to help advertise Stainton's event, particularly as Stainton is the closest the race will get to Maltby, and would attract more visitors. The banner would be returned back into the village in good time for the event.  However a number of VHT members were against this.

 Areas are being planted up round the village in race colours, and DMBC have ordered more buy they are not yet available.

 The little planters at the bottom of Raw Lane are going to be done by Sarah Troop  The Parish Council have hired a company to strim and clear round the pond and tidy up the 2 overgrown planters adjacent to the bridge on 23 April.


The Spotlight, May edition will be delivered on 26 April and we have an article in there.  Articles have also been sent to The Star Rotherham Advertiser, Doncaster Free Press etc and the Parish magazine.  Sarah brown is dealing with the radio advertising.

 John showed a mock up of a poster to be laminated and circulated round shops and businesses in Maltby, Bramley, Wickersley etc.  This now to have emboldened "car parking £2 all day" added to it.

 Kath Knight queried Edlington and it was mentioned that even though the races are not going through Edlington they are planning something in the church.  However some posters could be taken to Edlington.


Alan White said that they had invited 5 craft stalls and they would be on the front garden of Raychris on Stainton Lane.

 Kath & Lol Knight showed the meeting an enamelled Yorkshire badge and they are looking to buy a box at discount which can be sold on the day.

 The VHT are needing bottles of wine.

 Richard Marshall is the main contact for the day.  Eddie Barber applied and was successful in becoming  Racemaker for the day, however he has at the moment been allocated to Doncaster, he has been in touch with them and is hoping to change that to being in Stainton.

 Heath asked about T-shirts for all the helpers and is getting a price for 20 or so.  These to say something on the lines of "Stainton welcomes Tour de Yorkshire".

 No more meetings arranged of anything crops up this can be dealt with via email or phone calls etc.

 News Flash

 Many, many thanks to John Loukes and Hope Construction Materials Ltd who have offered to fund the Large Screen TV.  This has been ordered (we got the last one!). John Gray is looking at a suitable site for this and will be contacting DMBC. 




 16 March 2016


Present:-   John Gray- Chair - Parish Council, Sue Gray - resident (taking minutes),

Alan White - Village Hall Trust,  Heath Sykes - village and John Loukes - Hope Construction

 Apologies:- John Fisher and John Sulley

 Matters Arising, not covered in agenda - None

 Event Timings:-  The Ladies race will come through Stainton around 11.00am,

                            The Men's race will come through around 4.30pm.

This leaves a large gap between races and this is driven by the TV and filming crews.

 First Aid:-  John Gray had received 2 quotes,

A) to provide one person £150 +VAT = £180 and

B) Medic, which would provide 2 people at a cost of £175

 It was decided to book option B.  John Gray to book

A gazebo had been requested to use as a base and to keep equipment.  A White stated that everything could be left at Rosedale.

 Toilets:-  It was stated that Tom Boyd was booking these.  John Gray to confirm this is the case and also that the price was £60 x 2 =£120

Stainton Parish Council to pay for the First Aid and the toilets and flower barrels.

 DMBC Update:-

The event pro forma needs to be completed.  we had received replies re bunting and banners across the road.  This is not possible unless we could get it over 5 metres high and it would need to be very secure.  It was decided that the bunting and banners will not go across the road.

 John Loukes said that Hope has a cherry picker and he would look into the feasibility of using it.

 Local organisers need to deal with burger vans etc on the day, or make a charge for them to attend the event.  Environmental Health will be on call all day.

 There is no central funding for a big screen TV.

 Regarding parking on the route - this would be up to us and Marshall's to direct traffic into the car parks. People need to be persuaded not to park on the road and grass verges.

 John Loukes mentioned that the Top Block doesn't finish working until 10.30 on Saturdays but their top car park could be available.  Marshall's have offered their yard and Hazel Middleton has offered the use of her field.  Alan White voiced his concerns over parking and said he would rather have one central parking place and he felt that this should be at Marshall's, then they would only need one person collecting the money.  A discussion took place regarding the cost of parking and it was agreed that the charge would be £2 per car.

The meeting also felt that we needed another parking site at the other end of the village.

The car parks need manning and John Sulley had said that his men would deal with the parking at Marshall's.

 John Loukes suggested that someone went down to have a look. As Alan White is co-ordinating the car parking he will liaise.

 As  the planting in the village is rather sparse Darren Bisby has been contacted and he has said that there is another order going in for more plants.

 Three Tuns Update:- 

Heath mentioned that due to the earlier race times Tom may need to open earlier to serve burgers and hot dogs, perhaps bacon butties would be another option for the mornings race?

Tom was also considering a bottle bar. Tom to contact J Gray.

 Village Hall Trust Update:-

Catering will be from the garage at Rosedale and Marshall's yard area, where electric and water will be provided by Marshall's.  The VHT are looking at serving tea, coffee, juice and light refreshments.

 A White stated that everyone on Stainton Lane was happy for a stall/game to be in the front gardens.

there will be a bouncy castle on Susanne and Paul's garden and they have offered to pay for it and man it.

 The duck race will happen.

They are hoping to invite some craft stalls and are exploring the possibility of housing these in the garden of number one, the bungalow near the pond.

 There are bikes appearing around the village and Chris White is busy cutting and stitching bunting for around Rosedale.

 There will not be a raffle as The Trust wish to use prizes for the duck race.  They are hoping to sell 300 tickets in advance then hopefully another 100 on the day.  If lots of people turn up there is a possibility that they could run a 2nd race.  Finer details will be given at the next meeting

 Giant Cycles-

Giant Cycles are coming to the event and are bringing a stall, freebies and a turbo type trainer to use as a competition.

Heath Sykes, mentioned that they have dropped a load of bikes off and they have others coming from police stations.  The problem is they are running out of paint.

 Sponsorship and Big Screen TV:-

John Gray mentioned that due to the timing of the races there was a lot of time to fill between race to try and keep people in Stainton. 

 A Big Screen TV would help achieve this.  Two quotes had been received one for £2250 and we needed our own 30KVA generator and another for £2100 for a big screen TV which comes on a vehicle, then is demounted and lifts into place.  It comes with it's own power supply, satellite technician and licences etc.  This company (YSLV)  deal with everything. The size is 4.6m wide and 2.8m high.  It was felt that this would be fantastic and that along with the bands etc at the pub would keep people here.  In downtimes the TV could be used to promote sponsors.  If we could get sponsorship any company VAT registered who paid the bill would be able to claim back the VAT making the total £1750. 

John Gray is contacting businesses to see if sponsorship is available, he has already approached Marshall's, Lord Scarborough and some other local businesses, he will send letters to further afield businesses such as Polypipe etc.

 Alan White will feed back next meeting but Radio Sheffield will do Clueless on Saturday to end up in Stainton.


It was felt that more bikes needed to be distributed around the village.  Ideally they would go from Ann & Ivor Watkins, along the route all the way up to the roundabout.

 Tom had concerns over the signs as he had been quoted £1000.

 The bike sculptures are proving to be too expensive. Tom has been quoted £30 ph and each sculpture would take between 10 -5 hours.

 Tom is looking at having the outbuilding whitewashed and a mural painting on it.

 Alan & Chris White have purchased 4 half barrels and have planted them up.  Two are outside Rosedale, one in the planter outside Meadowbrook and the forth is at the junction of Holme Hall Lane and Raw Lane.


The Three Tuns has a Tour de Yorkshire page and has sent 1400 invites out, anyone is welcome to post on the site.  The Stainton site has approx 12 people interested but it was felt that it would be better to just promote one site and that being the Three Tuns.

 The Spotlight went to print today but they need an editorial and they will publish it on their website and facebook.  The May edition will be delivered 26th April and covers Stainton, Brecks, Stag etc.

 The Parish magazine needs a story out tomorrow as their closing date is this week.

 Rotherham Advertiser - John Gray can feed in every week and he will also do an editorial feature.

 John Gray said we can send items to other papers.

 Local Radio - Sarah Brown is dealing with Radio Sheffield etc.


John Gray has sent Joe Gowland an email asking if the church could be opened and if the bells could be rung as the races come though the village.  He is awaiting a reply.

 Date and time of next meeting :- 

 Wednesday 6th April 7.30


  11 February 2016


Present:-    John Gray- Chair - Parish Council, Sue Gray - resident (taking minutes).

Alan White - Village Hall Trust, Chris White -  resident, John Fisher - Stainton Parish Council, Tom Boyd - Three Tuns, John Sulley - Marhalls, Kath & Lol Knight - residents, A Brown - resident.

 Apologies:- Darren Simpson and Richard Marshal

 John Gray opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending.

 Alan White reported that he had met with Tom and they had agreed not to step on each others toes regarding refreshments.  He stated that members of the Village Hall Trust all had jobs to do and at their next meeting they would determine exactly who will be doing what.  They need more volunteers to help on the day, and will be approaching residents regarding this.

The Trust are looking at serving teas/coffees, cakes and buns etc from Alan's garage.  They are also looking at placing a gazebo outside Marshalls yard, offering refreshments.

It was suggested that the Village Hall Trust could invite ice cream vans and charge for the pitch/pitches.

 Village Hall Trust to decide if they are inviting craft stalls.  It was mentioned that a Grand raffle could be organised, the Lotteries Licence needs to be checked and donations of prizes are needed.

Alan talked about running a duck race down hill from the pub but will feed back after the Trusts meeting.

 Thanks were given to John Sulley regarding the offer of parking facilities.  Alan suggested that parking to be advertised before the event as early booking of parking spaces would give an idea as to the number of people to cater for.

 John Gray reported that Hazel Middleton would open up the field for parking.  Alan White was concerned over other areas being used for parking and the road closures.  It was confirmed that the roads will only be closed for approx 45 - 60 minutes per race and it would be managed by a rolling road block.

 John Sulley stated that Marshalls would look at taping off the grass verges to stop people parking for free.  Marshalls will also provide people to oversee and direct parking.

Lol Knight asked if DMBC is going to cordon off the areas where there is to be no parking on the verges.  John Gray is to check on this.

 No reply has yet been received, from either DMBC or the Police, regarding uninvited traders turning up on the day.

 Kath has 6 packs of yarn being donated by one of her suppliers, for the bunting.  Chris White has blue and yellow fabric for bunting and has also purchased a multicoloured string from Home Bargains. Kath also has blue and yellow fabric but needs people to cut it out.

 Tom reported that the schools are already on with the designs for the sculptures.  It is being used as an A Level project at Maltby Academy.

Ashley Brown mentioned that his team have run competitions on Facebook and that we could do the same.   We could put the final 6 on Facebook and they have to get votes - people share the postings to get more votes and the more it is shared the more advertising  get for the event in Stainton.

 Tom had sent back the designs for the banner as they weren't satisfactory.  Ashley could arrange some extra advertising banners (whilst organising his event) to use for advertising in advance, around the surrounding areas of village.

 Tom has book one local band, from Braithwell, so far. He also has an opensider coming, to use as an outdoor stage.  Nothing will be leaving the premises and the function room will be turned into a food hall.  The car park is going to be totally, closed off.

 John Fisher was concerned over Health and safety but John Gray pointed out that we can only risk assess when we know what we are doing.  Tom is going to get someone in the risk assess for the pub.

 Hope Construction may use the island and K & L Knight had some ideas and passed these to John Sulley.

 DMBC had asked us for a name of the event and it was decided that it should be 'Stainton Welcomes Tour de Yorkshire'.

 John Fisher had spoken to Darren Wootton, regarding a sign for across Raw Lane.  Sizes are needed and if we let him know what we want Darren will make and donate it.  It was also suggested that this sign could be used near the roundabout.

 John Gray to design some flyers to go round the village asking for volunteers,  these to include volunteers for the day, race makers, knitters, people to make bunting, bikes in gardens etc, etc.  Alan White to meet with John Gray to finalise, and the Village Hall Trust planning on door to door canvassing.

 Tom has 6 bikes so far, Alan White to keep looking for bikes and bits of bikes.  It was mentioned that we could advertise on Gumtree and Freescycle. 

It was suggested that bikes could be displayed high up, in trees.  Whilst this was a good idea they could not be placed high up on lampposts as they are not strong enough.

 Philip Watkins is to make all the sculptures, which will be throughout the village, from Marshall's all the way to Old Scotch Spring Lane. Tom stated that these will all be permanent, free standing but well secured.  Alan White and John Gray asked for a plan showing where these will be placed.  It was thought that this needs to be finalised as 5 sculptures will have an impact on the village and some areas may also need planning permission.

 Sponsorship was mentioned is regard to who to approach and what we would do with the funds.  Paul Kelly has said he will sponsor and use it to advertise the new branch, at Bessacar.

 A big screen TV was suggested and this would cost £2620 and Diamond Screen will televise the whole thing and they carry the licence.  Perhaps some of the sponsorship money could be used to pay for this?

It was suggested that this could be placed on Holme Hall Lane but a road closure would be necessary.  Ashley stated that this would cost £399 for the traffic order and £100 to the traffic company to close the road.

 Ashley to mention the Tour de Yorkshire to Polypipe (his teams sponsors)  and try to get them involved.

 John had spoken to Darren Simpson and the planters in the village, will be planted with the Tour de Yorkshire colours.  It would be nice if residents could also plant their own planters in this way.

 It was pointed out that two half barrels were needed for outside Rosedale, or the bolts needed cutting off from the old fastenings.  It was felt that all the barrel around the village needed replacing. John Gray to bring this up at the Council meeting, next week.

 Toilets - Tom is dealing with this.

 A discussion took place around first aiders and it was felt that this was another area which should be left to the professionals.

 Giant Cycles are bringing a static bike.

 Date and time of next meeting:-

 Wednesday 16th March 2016 - Stainton Village Hall





                                      28 January 2016


Present:-  Richard Marshal - DMBC, Darren Simpson - DMBC, Alan White - Village Hall Trust, Chris White -  resident, Peter Cooksey - resident, John Fisher - Stainton Parish Council, Andrew Rhodes - Village Hall Trust, Heath Sykes - village, Tom Boyd - Three Tuns, John Sulley - Marhalls, Kath & Lol Knight - residents, Philip Watkins - Philip Watkins Ltd, John Gray- Chair - Parish Council, Sue Gray - resident (taking minutes).



John Gray opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and outlining the Tour de Yorkshire event, to be held on Saturday 30th April, and the opportunities open to the village.  There will be two races on the day - a ladies and men's race, along with vehicular processions.


Darren Simpson  DMBC, handed out maps and a fact sheet, which is an developing document.  The colour theme is yellow and blue, but we do not have to stick to these colours.

Regarding road closures, these will be managed by a rolling road block.  The police will close the roads approx 20 minutes before the each race arrives and will open up the roads again after the last bike has passed.  We will receive a notification letter as details become confirmed.  It was also stated that the 'Caravan' - a 60 vehicle procession would be coming through the village twice, before each race, but they would not be throwing out promotional goodies.

It is planned that there will not be too many stewards, they will only be placed where it is felt necessary, also there will be no barriers as they wish to get people as close to the race as possible.


John Gray reported that Stainton aims to attract as many people to the village as possible and hopefully activities and events would be organised between the races.


Alan White - Village Hall Trust, Chair, stated that the Trust wanted to raise money whilst celebrating the event and this year they were looking to use the event as their annual fundraiser, instead of the Summer Fete. The VHT were planning a meeting to discuss, and Alan would report back at the next meeting.  The thought was that the 'Spring Fair' (for use of a better name) would be held centrally in the village and they were hoping to make use of people's front gardens.


John Fisher enquired about the control of ice cream / burger vans etc just arriving into the village. Darren Simpson stated that other places along the route were also concerned about this and he would be coming back to us with an answer.  Perhaps it would need to be by arrangement with Stainton, but "if uninvited people turn up DMBC should have resources to deal with that".


John Sulley, Marshall's are looking to support the village in any way and could offer car parking facilities.


Tom Boyd, is looking at advertising as much as possible, and is also looking at outside bands, disco and food. Tom will liaise with the VHT over this so that they compliment each other.  Tom been in touch with local businesses and one idea was for a piece of abstract art to be made from old cycle parts.  Schools would be approached to offer the Art students to help with the design, perhaps this could be a competition, with a prize for the winner?  Philip Watkins is to make the sculpture.

Giant Cycles, were coming with official merchandise.

Tom has been given a contact number for Dean Wiffin, who has been in contact with every school on the route, and also the number for Kevin Larkin from BBC Radio Sheffield.


Heath Sykes stated that if Marshall's could open the site for parking, we could make a charge and the village could take a cut from the revenue.  This would require some stewards.

John Sully, mentioned that the road could also be used for parking.  Philip Waktins said Ivor had also offered Cliff Meadow and the field near the roundabout was also suitable.  It was felt that parking could be bookable in advance.


Toilets would be needed and the pub would be used and there would also be some portable ones.


There was a discussion regarding decorating the village. Bunting was suggested and Tom thought the schools could become involved here. To cover the whole route 4000 metres of bunting would be required.


Kath Knight had a pattern for bunting and was approaching suppliers to see if they would sponsor the blue and yellow yarn needed.  She would ask knitters from the shops to see if they would help with the bunting. Kath also has a suitable bike which has already been yarn bombed.


Alan White, asked if residents would decorate the route with old bikes, they could be decorated to fit in with the blue and yellow theme.  Alan has a contact for old bikes.


Heath mentioned that any old bike could be taken to the pub as they have storage there and they can also be sprayed there.


The organisers want as much noise as possible.  Tom has a meeting with the brewery and they are looking for items from past promotions that will make a noise.  They are also looking at providing a banner which will read something on the lines of "Stainton Village Welcomes the Tour de Yorkshire" and will also carry the pub and brewery names.


John Gray stated that a flagpole had been purchase by the Parish Council and the village will fly the Yorkshire flag.  A site needs to be determined for the flagpole as it needs to be within reach of a power supply, for the Christmas lights.


Date and time of next meeting - Thursday 11 February 7.30pm in the Village Hall



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