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                 The Bells of St Winifrids Church


'The West end tower contains an interesting ring of three bells of which the treble, or smallest bell is the newest bell, having been cast in the year 1713 at York by Samuel Smith II. The bell bears a lavish Latin inscription dedicated to the donor, Mr. George Pashley of Stainton. It is probable that the tenor, or largest bell, comes next in age. This bell simply bears two initial crosses and the letters "S S" but it also bears an interesting founder's mark which indicates that it was made at the Nottingham foundry, probably during the period 1488 to 1508 by one Richard Mellor.


Coming to the 2nd bell, this is inscribed in the fine script, "SANCTA GABREEL ORAPRONOBIS", the words being interspaced by initial crosses with three initial crosses at the start of the inscription. This bell bears no founder's mark but again is probably a product of the Nottingham foundry and was probably cast in the early part of the fifteenth century'



(Extracted from the report on the bells furnished by John Taylor & Co. (Bellfounders) Ltd., of Loughborough on the occasion of their refurbishment in 1987.)


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