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Tour de Yorkshire






What a fantastic day on Saturday as the Tour de Yorkshire came to Stainton, not once but twice. Residents of the village and our neighbouring towns and villages turned out in force, clearly exceeding our projected visitor numbers, with around 600 people in the morning and well over double that number in the afternoon. The Big TV was a major draw for people and it was disappointing that the transmissions from the tour cameras had technical difficulties for some of the races. However, the visitors entered into the spirit of the occasion, joining in with the fun and games laid on by the Village Hall Trust and making lots of noise as the cyclists came through the village, it made it a wonderful spectacle. The Stainton Duck Race took place in the early afternoon with 'ducks' bought by Mr Lee Fisher in first place, Mrs Susan Cliffe in second place and Mrs Jo Rhodes in third place, congratulations to them all. Another competition taking place across the whole day was the Clown Shooting Game, with adult winner Mr Darrell Wootten and under 18 winner James Renwick, who had by far the highest score of the day. During the afternoon Monkey Pig, played 2 sets of live on the stage outside the Three Tuns, and De-Ja Vu providing the disco for the rest of the afternoon. Vie Medic provided the first aid and we are delighted to say that they were not called to any injuries at all during the whole day. This was truly a whole community event and thanks must go to the organisers, Stainton Parish Council, Stainton Village Hall Trust, Tom Boyd of Three Tuns, John Loukes of Hope Construction Materials, John Sully of Marshalls, Philip Watkins, Darrell Wootten, Heath Sykes, Susan Gray, Giant Cycles, Kath & Lol Knight and Doncaster MBC, plus all the residents who came and helped tidy and decorate the village every evening last week.








7:30                 Big Screen arrives                                Stainton Lane

8:00                 Car Park opens                                    Hazel’s Field & Marshalls Yard

8:30                 Breakfasts available                             Three Tuns

8:30                 Women’s Race Starts                      Big Screen  & Three Tuns

9:00                 Refreshments available                        Stainton Lane & Marshalls Gate

9:00                 Stalls & Games open                           Stainton Lane

10:00               Tour de Stainton                                  Giant Cycles Simulator

11:10               Women’s Race through Stainton          Raw Lane, Stainton Lane,

                                                                                    Scotch Spring Lane

12:00               Food available                                     Three Tuns

12:00               Disco starts                                          Three Tuns

12:30               Women’s Race Ends Doncaster,         Big Screen & Three Tuns

1:00                 Live Band on Stage                              Three Tuns

1:00                 Duck Race                                           Raw Lane

2:30                 Men’s Race Starts                            Big Screen and Three Tuns

3:15                 Live Band on Stage                              Three Tuns

4:40                 Men’s Race through Stainton            Raw Lane, Stainton Lane

                                                                                Scotch Spring Lane

5:40                 Men’s Race Ends Doncaster,           Big Screen & Three Tuns

6:00                 Big Screen taken down                         Stainton Lane

6:00                 Car Parks close                                    Hazel’s Field & Marshalls Yard



Stainton Tour de Yorkshire

Community Group


Would like to thanks the following for their generous donations, hard work and commitment to making Stainton the best place to watch these prestigious International Cycle Races


Hope Construction Materials


Wootten Industries

Philip Watkins

Giant Cycles

The Three Tuns

Doncaster MBC

Kath & Lol Knight

Heath Sykes

Stainton Parish Council

Stainton Village Hall Trust

Stainton Residents who have helped to tidy up and decorate the village



First Aid is provided by Vie Medic Services

Big Screen TV is provided by YSLV Ltd









The second annual Tour de Yorkshire cycle race will be coming through the village of Stainton on Saturday, 30th April 2016. The event attracts the same international cycle teams as the Tour de France, including Sir Bradley Wiggins Team. See them enter the village on a very fast downhill section leading to a dangerous 90 degree bend, then a short climb to exit the village in spectacular style. There will be two races, Ladies’ and Men’s at different times of the day, mixed with a cavalcade of race sponsor’s vehicles. The event will be televised and transmitted to over 150 countries, with an audience of many millions. The Ladies race will be late morning and the Men’s race late afternoon.


Stainton Village cordially invites you to join them for this spectacle and spend time with us in between races. We will have lots of entertainment– Live Bands, Cycle Competition, Duck Race, Refreshments and Food and Drinks at the Three Tuns. There will also be lots of fun and games for younger visitors, with Bouncy Castle and Traditional Summer Games. You will also be able to watch the whole of the race on Big Screen TV either outside in the village or in the Three Tuns Pub if you wish. Lots of parking will be available for only £2 for the whole day, with proceeds going to charities,  so bring the whole family and make it a great day out. Stainton is easy to find, just enter S66 7QX or S66 7RH into your satnav or Google Maps for Official Supervised Car Parks




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